5 Easiest Countries to Travel in 2022: Plan Your Next Adventure Now!

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Where do you want to travel next? If you can’t wait to get out of the house, pack your bags and take a trip somewhere new, then you’re not alone! At least 65 million Americans travel internationally each year, and that number continues to rise as we become more and more connected to the rest of the world through technology. As the world becomes an increasingly smaller place, your options become infinite — well, at least within reason! If you’re interested in planning your next adventure now but aren’t sure where to start, here are the five easiest countries to travel to in 2022.


MEXICO,easy to travel


Mexico is accessible to tourists! Mexico is currently among the easiest countries to visit due to its openness. Right now, the entry does not need a Covid test or evidence of two vaccinations. Beautiful beaches with golden sand and blue waters may be found in Mexico.

Additionally, Mexico remains an incredibly easy country to travel throughout. Known for its friendly people, sunny weather, and wealth of beaches, it’s not hard to see why Mexico has become one of America’s favorite spots for traveling abroad. From adventure-seeking and swimming to shopping and dining on local delicacies (like tacos), travelers won’t be disappointed with a trip here.

 More information regarding entry requirements for Mexico.


COLOMBIA, easy to travel

Colombia should be on your bucket list—you don’t need us to tell you that—but if you’re seeking for a stress-free, breeze through the airport experience, Colombia is it. You only need to complete an advanced health questionnaire; you do not need a negative PCR test or documentation of your immunizations. That is available here. Although we don’t want to boast, our Colombia Uncovered tour is perhaps the greatest goddamn tour available. Colombia is completely open to travelers.

Additionally, Known for its beautiful mountains, rainforests, and beaches, Colombia is one of South America’s most popular countries. Tourism is on a steady rise here as people from all over are discovering what Colombia has to offer.

More information regarding entry requirements for Colombia


COSTA RICA, easy to travel

Costa Rica is the next country on our list—Pura Vida! As it doesn’t require a COVID 19 test result to be negative, Costa Rica is now within our list of the easiest countries to travel to right now. Instead, all you need is the appropriate insurance coverage. In any case, we must have insurance when we travel. By completing this health form, you must either provide confirmation of a double vaccination or sufficient insurance.

With its wealth of high-adrenaline activities, unique wildlife, and lush, green jungles, Costa Rica is known as one of the world’s adventure capitals. White water rafting, zip lines, and night safaris through the jungle. It’s a haven for adventure seekers, and a drink only costs

More information regarding entry requirements for Costa Rica



THE MALDIVES, easy to travel

What comes to mind when you look for paradise in a dictionary? The Maldives should be used as the definition. Yes, there are white sand beaches with pure, azure waters that sparkle in the sunlight. The Maldives are undoubtedly pure bliss and, would you believe it, one of the most accessible destinations today.

Regardless of vaccination status, you would need a negative test in order to enter as a tourist; however, their time frame is longer than most other countries, with the test needing to be taken within 96 hours of arrival; this helps alleviate some of the stress associated with planning a last-minute vacation. A health declaration that you can find here must also be completed. Apart from that, visitors are free to spend their vacation any way they like. Oh, yeah.

More information regarding entry requirements for the Maldives

5. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, easy to travel
The official opening of Sri Lanka’s borders to fully immunized individuals without quarantine has arrived! The only requirement for entry into Sri Lanka is a negative PCR test, after which you are free to do as you choose with your time spent there.
As Sri Ranka is known for its spectacularly scenic natural locations, it’s easy to see why tourism is one of Sri Ranka’s biggest industries. in addition to some of the most breathtaking walks and overlooks in the entire globe. Yes, we’re talking about river safaris, glamping, and internationally renowned scenic railways!  So why are you still waiting? It’s going to be crazy out there!
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