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Hiking has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Not only does it allow you to explore beautiful and exotic locations, but it also provides a great sense of peace and tranquility that you can’t get from everyday life. With so many hiking spots out there, deciding which ones to visit can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded up our top 5 favorite spots to hike around the world, making it easy to figure out where you want to go next on your next vacation! Check them out below!

1) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania,Hiking

Mount Kilimanjaro, which towers over the African bushlands of Tanzania and Kenya, is definitely one of the best hiking spots in the world. The view from the top is simply stunning, and the hike itself is very challenging. The trail is about 19 miles long, and it takes around five days to complete.
The highest point in Africa is located on Kibo, which rises to a height of 19,340 feet at the top of Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak, one of the mountain’s three volcanic cones along with Mawenzi and Shira (5,895 meters).
The mountain has grown to be a popular climbing destination for explorers worldwide since the first expedition to Kilimanjaro by Europeans Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller in 1889, leading to its protection classification in 1973 inside the boundaries of Kilimanjaro National Park.

2. Torres del Paine, Chile

Hiking in Chile
One of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, Torres del Paine offers stunning views of towering mountains, blue glaciers, and pristine lakes, making it the ideal location for a memorable and challenging journey. Some of the best trekking in the world can be found in this breathtaking region of Chile.
Additionally, Torres del Paine trekking may be a relatively accessible activity despite its magnificence and beauty. Over the past five years, Patagonia has seen a sharp rise in trekking tourism, so you should prepare to share the trails. Even though many hikers join organized tour groups, going it alone is very feasible. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Chile.
If you’re looking for a challenging hike with amazing rewards, Torres del Paine is the place for you.
3. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Everest Base Camp, Nepal,Hiking
Everest is more than simply a mountain, and getting there requires more than a simple hike.
Most hikers from all over the world become inspired just by talking about the Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC) in Nepal. On this Himalayan trail, thousands of aspirational ramblers have received useful experience. For some, completing this hike is a requirement for all serious trekkers. Others embark on this journey in order to get access to the lofty roof of the planet, where they can have an up-close experience with the highest top of them all. More on the amazing heights of the Everest Base Camp in Nepal, which is located at an impressive 17,598 feet (5,364m) above sea level.
Additionally, every turn in the trail, which some have dubbed “the steps to paradise,” offers another opportunity for photographs of the picturesque forests, Sherpa communities, glacier moraines, and slopes. Hiking to Everest Base Camp is an experience like no other. The trail takes you through some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in the world, from verdant forests to snow-capped mountains. And the views of the trail are simply breathtaking. If you’re looking for an adventure, this is definitely one of the best hiking trails in the world.

4. Inca Trail, Peru.

Hiking in Inca trail, Machu Pichu
Inca Trail, which is one of the most popular hiking spots in the world, is a trail that leads up to Machu Picchu in Peru. The hike on Inca Trail is breathtaking; perfect Incan ruins, cloud forest, and majestic valley views are laid out like breadcrumbs along the way to perhaps the greatest end-point of any multi-day hike on earth, the iconic Machu Picchu.
The hike takes you along ancient narrow paths deep into the Peruvian countryside and high into the Andean mountains.
Definitely, the experience of hiking the Inca Trail should arouse excitement, arouse a tinge of anxiety, fuel envy among your companions, and inspire a sense of wanderlust in your soul like that did in my travel here.
Additionally, the Inca Trail is a great hike for all levels of hikers and is one of the best ways to see Machu Picchu.
5. Milford Track, New Zealand
Milford Track, New Zealand,Hiking
The Milford Track is often called the finest walk in the world, The poet Blanche Baughan called the Milford Track “the finest stroll in the world” in a piece that ran in the London Spectator almost 100 years ago. It’s not hard to see why. The 53-kilometer route, which starts at the tip of Lake Te Anau, is arguably New Zealand’s most well-known hike. It takes you across suspension bridges, boardwalks, and a mountain pass. The Milford Track will lead you to experience Sutherland Falls, the tallest waterfall in New Zealand, and will show you magnificent lakes, enormous valley views, and sky-scraping mountain peaks like Mitre Peak, which is one of the country’s most iconic landmarks.


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