Top 5 Amazing Countries to Visit Post-Pandemic in 2022/2023

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  Before you jump to the list of Top Countries to Visit Post-Pandemic, here’s a story to tell!  When the big wave of Coronavirus hit us two years ago, most of us were homebound or in isolation. But now that Covid-19 has run its course and travel restrictions are lifting all over the world, it’s time to get out of the dodge and add some new places to your travel bucket list.

When it comes to planning a holiday or business trip, you want your destination to be as interesting as possible. You want a country that will provide you with fun experiences and great food. The whole planning process can be a little intimidating with all the entry restrictions, vaccination, booster shots, and more. But don’t worry. We’ve taken a look at millions of itineraries to find you some of the most overlooked countries to visit post-pandemic.

1. The British Virgin Islands

top countries to visit post pandemic
Caribbean beach

The British Virgin Islands are among the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. The islands are secluded, quiet, and unspoiled by mass tourism. There is no large population to attract and spread disease to. You can enjoy the scenery and nature all by yourself.

The British Virgin Islands has about 60 tiny islets, but only about 35 of them are inhabited. Each one of them has its own unique flavor and character.  The climate here is tropical, with two seasons – rainy and dry. It gets very hot in the dry season.

These Islands have perfect for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, unwind, relax, and reconnect with nature. If you like camping, you will love visiting this country. The island chain is an ideal location for adventurers and nature lovers who want to spend a holiday by the beach because it has over 300 species of birds and many beautiful beaches. The water is clean and there is little to no pollution.

Why Visit: The British Virgin Islands are a great vacation spot that should not be missed. The archipelago has much to offer the world traveler. If you are looking for a tropical, remote destination where you can relax and enjoy yourself, then you should consider visiting the British Virgin Islands.

2. Cambodia

We've taken a look at millions of itineraries to find you some of the most overlooked countries to visit post pandemic.
Angkor Wat

Cambodia offers a rich tapestry of experiences and is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. A visit to Cambodia is all about immersing yourself in an ancient land and discovering its hidden temples and fascinating history.

You can travel throughout Cambodia and see all of its wonders. Many tourists are drawn to the ancient Angkor Wat temples which are located in the country. They are known for being some of the most iconic attractions in the entire world.

Its capital, Phnom Penh, is a bustling metropolis that exudes charm and charisma from every pore. It’s home to the majestic Royal Palace, National Museum, and Silver Pagoda. No doubt, this place is a haven for art lovers!

There are also other temples to see that you can go to during your trip. If you are interested in ancient monuments, there are also a number of ruins that are still standing in the region. There are many ruins around the area, including those at Phnom Bakheng.

You can also take a boat ride to the Island of Koh Rong. Here you will see a beautiful view of Angkor Wat. There are many other activities that you can do while you are in Cambodia. If you want to relax, you should go hiking. You can go to Kbal Spean, which is a popular attraction in Siem Reap. The trail is very long and goes along a river. It offers some great views of the scenery.

3. Fiji

beautiful beach in Fiji
beach in Fiji

Fiji’s white-sand beaches are a haven for divers, honeymooners, and families alike. Visitors can experience rural village life, bask on glistening beaches, or book a luxury resort for a laid-back royal stay. Fiji is also known for its waterfalls and pristine forests and offers plenty of opportunities for adventure seekers. You can go on a snorkeling or diving trip or simply relax on one of the country’s beaches.

The tropical island of Fiji is located south of Australia and west of New Zealand. Its beautiful natural scenery makes it one of the most visited countries in the Pacific.

Fiji has two main islands – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The most popular part of Fiji is the lush rainforests, which feature numerous plants and animals. You can explore these rainforests and get up close with these creatures by visiting one of the many National Parks.

Another option would be to go diving with manta rays and visit the world famous Coral Sea. The best time to visit Fiji is between May and September. The weather is hot during this period, and the water is warm and clear. You can also relax at the beaches and have fun on the white sandy beaches.

If you want to stay in a luxury resort, you can book a suite at a four-star resort in Fiji. The best resorts to stay at include Shangri-La Yanuca Island, Fiji.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

balloon flying in the sky of Cappadocia

Turkey is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With a history that goes back centuries, it has a rich culture and great natural beauty.

The history of this ancient country goes back more than 8,000 years. Cappadocia is famous for having unusual rock formations. These rocks are called fairy chimneys. These rock formations are formed due to the erosion of the soft soil around these places. The soil is eroded because of the frequent rains, and these rains cause the soil to erode.

There is a cave called Kaymakamzade Han at Cappadocia. This cave is home to a community of bats. The bats live in the caves during the day and emerge at night to drink blood. A visit to this cave is interesting, and you may also see some of the bats flying above your head.

There are cave hotels you can stay in Cappadocia like

Cappadocia Cave Suites,

Anatolian Houses

Guests can enjoy incredible views in these hotels. It is a good idea to stay here when you visit this area.  You can also take a tour of the local churches and monasteries. The Byzantine churches and monasteries here are impressive.

5. Iceland

waterfall Seljalandsfoss in Iceland.

A visit to Iceland is a dream trip for many people. Its majestic landscape of waterfalls, volcanoes, and mountains makes this country one of the most beautiful destinations around. From hiking in Iceland’s famous ice caves to watching Northern Lights, visitors to Iceland have a spectacular time. The country is home to the highest geyser activity in the world, which allows visitors to watch hot water shoot high into the sky.

The country is famous for its scenic vistas, with its vast glacier lakes, and majestic volcanoes. Iceland has been referred to as “the next big thing” by many travelers, who visit the country to soak up the natural beauty.

Iceland offers some of the best tourist attractions in Europe. Visitors will fall in love with the country from the moment they land. With its scenic landscapes, its amazing culture, and its friendly people, Iceland is the perfect travel destination. Iceland offers everything that tourists can wish for in terms of sightseeing and adventure. 


Beautiful landscapes, fascinating history, and culture, delicious cuisine, exciting nightlife — no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for on your next vacation, the above-mentioned countries have it all. And they’re all home to unique attractions that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Yes, the post-pandemic world is a strange and unusual place with tons of new rules, entry requirements, and vaccinations, but one thing is for sure – you will surely get to explore hidden tropical gems and awe-inspiring countries to visit post-pandemic and have once in a lifetime experience!


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