6 Basic Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip

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Uncertainty can be a part of everyday life. The same could be said for every trip that has been planned. What makes it worse is the fact that it catches you off guard. This is exactly why you need travel insurance. While there is little you can do to prevent the inevitable, you can take steps to minimize the consequences. Travel insurance is one method of accomplishing this.


Why do You Need Travel Insurance?

Following are some of the reasons that’ll convince you to get travel insurance next time around

1. Untimely Cancellation

Untimely Cancellation,need travel insurance

To celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary, you pay $7,000 for a luxurious Mediterranean vacation. Just before you go on a trip, your mother falls and has to go to the hospital. When you contact the cruise line to tell them what happened, they’re sorry, but you won’t get your money refunded. Why? As per standard procedures, the company has clear rules that say that if you withdraw within 2 weeks of your departure, you won’t get a refund. 


This is exactly the kind of situation where you will need travel insurance. The only way you can avert such a scenario is by purchasing travel insurance. This way, you’ll get a refund if you have to go through some sort of emergency. Such situations include

  • Injury or serious illness of a travel companion or insured person.
  • The untimely demise of the insured person
  • Natural Disasters


2. Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergencies,need travel insurance

Medical emergencies, that too on foreign lands, are something we all dread. You’ll need travel insurance to tackle the situation. If health and dental emergencies occur while you are on vacation, having travel insurance with urgent medical benefits can help cover the costs.

EMT benefits can pay for transport to the nearest medical center and transport back to your house following an injury or illness. However, this is subject to policy terms and conditions. You may even be able to prepay for emergency medical care through the insurance Assistance hotline. 

Medical bills aren’t cheap. In your home country, they’re very expensive. It’s even worse if you’re traveling outside of your country and don’t have travel insurance. However, you won’t have to stress medical expenditures overseas if you have travel insurance.


3. Covers Potential Mishaps

Covers Potential Mishaps,need travel insurance

Why do we go for a vacation? For a break, right? Traveling is supposed to make you happy, but that feeling quickly vanishes if you deal with problems along the way. You will need travel insurance if you do not want to deal with any potential mishap. 

Travel insurance can help you avert such a situation. In the event of a covered departure delay of six hours or more, you may be eligible for reimbursement of additional lodging and travel costs. You will receive compensation if your luggage gets delayed or misdirected by an airline for more than 24 hours. This will pay for any reasonable additional purchases you make during your trip. You must also check your plan to discover what else is covered in the event of any other common travel issues.

4. A Friendly face in Foreign Land

A Friendly face in Foreign Land,need travel insurance

Who does not want a friendly face in foreign lands? The last thing anybody needs on a trip overseas is to throw yourself into financial trouble. One way to avoid this is to purchase travel insurance.

There are several advantages to this. When something goes wrong, you’ll have a team of experts ready to help. To make things even simpler, the presence of dedicated staff will smooth all aspects of communication.

5. Risk Protection

Risk Protection,need travel insurance

If you are still wondering whether you need travel insurance or not, this might convince you. The risk coverage with travel insurance adds an extra layer of security. Loss of personal items, such as clothing, jewelry, valuables, and accidental loss of luggage are all covered. As long as you have travel insurance, you’ll get some compensation.

6. Sense of Relief

Sense of Relief,need travel insurance

If you are on vacation or planning on going to one, you will need travel insurance to provide you with an added sense of relief. There’s no point left if you’re worried about running into financial trouble while you are on vacation. You don’t have to stress about running out of money while you’re away from home when you have travel insurance. If you have travel insurance, you can get assistance no matter how far from home.

The Bottom Line

It’s not every day we plan a vacation. Vacations are the only time of the year when one gets to enjoy themselves without any strings attached. It is the only time when one can expect to not have to worry about going through the unexpected. This is why you must get travel insurance, just so that you do not end up in a situation where you end up returning with regrets when you were originally supposed to make memories. 



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